Monday, January 19, 2009

थे मिराक्ले इन Hudson

(The Miracle in Hudson)

If indeed it is the fault of birds flying into the engine of the U.S. Airways airbus the other day, it was nature creating this situation. Birds are a magic part of nature and not just something you get in a bucket at KFC, if you did not know that. These birds sacrificed their lives to heal airplane related wounds, still bleeding in most non-prescribed New Yorkers souls. Most New Yorkers first reacted with fear. Fear of another disaster in their city. It starts with a faster heartbeat and a milder panic attack. However, when they realized that everything was fine and everybody was ok, and that there was a real American hero to give love, they were just happy. A new happiness that goes along with the overall new energy in New York after Obama is giving New Yorkers hope. America hope. The world hope! Thank you birds. You will always be remembered.

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