Friday, July 4, 2008

Brothers Gonna Work it Out at Roskilde Festival 2008

Roskilde is the town in Denmark where the Danes bury their Kings (and one Queen) and still build Viking ships as if it was not going out of style. They have have a rather large cathedral with twin towers that can be seen from miles away.

You actually see them quite well when you stand inside of the huge area called Dyrskuepladsen (trans. the animal viewing place) in the outskirts of Roskilde. It is here the farmers come to buy, sell and look at animals. It is also here thousands of people from all over the world gather for about a week every year since 1971. Inspired by the Woodstock Festival that took place three years earlier, some young kids decided to make their own festival, and it worked. The big Orange stage (below) of the festival, also has the three peaks, as the cathedral.

Roskilde Festival has now become one of the most respected music festivals on earth. Artists are delighted to perform for the loving audience that sees their time at the Roskilde Festival as part of their life and education. 

The above album cover is from the Chemical Brothers 10 year old remix album where they released classic tunes such as Block Rockin' Beats and Mother Earth. The brothers--that are not from the same mother--will also perform at 2008's festival, and they say its gonna be funky.

humantohuman - the 2008 theme

Above art by Lee "Scratch" Perry, who donated his work to humantohuman. humantohuman is the idea behind Roskilde Festival’s humanitarian focus. The festival audience help people in need all over the world. From one person to another – human to human.

Each year Roskilde Festival chooses an overall theme – and within this framework the audience gets an opportunity to reflect upon a contemporary humanitarian concern. This year (2008) the theme is "Fair Phone – Fair Future" which focuses on large electronics companies' responsibility for a sustainable development in this area.

Any profits from Roskilde Festival are donated directly to the Roskilde Festival Charity Society which, in turn, donates the money to humanitarian projects. Throughout the past 34 years, Roskilde Festival has donated more than € 13 million to, among many others, War Victims in Irak, Doctors without Borders, Amnesty International, Save the Children and WWF World Wildlife Foundation.

So how do you get there? Try this.


In connection to Roskilde Festival 2010, the CO2 E - Race/CO2 Green Drive produced a version of the project in the city of Roskilde and at Roskilde Festival.

Above video about the project was made by Roskilde City.

The Danish Climate Minster at the time Lykke Friis, jumped up on a Green Electric Scooter 

The Black Glassed Triangle Pyramid!

...AND IN 2009

In 2009, The CO2 E - Race in collaboration with We Collaborate and Roskilde Festival, brought Muhammad Yunus to the festival, in a electric Jaguar. He was on Orange stage 15 minutes before Coldplay went on, in front over 40.000 people.

There was also a small exhibition of Electric vehicles and such.

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