Friday, July 4, 2008

Female empowerment through Jello in The Big Apple

Yeah Right. As if. In the end of the day sex sells, and now that Bill Cosby has gotten too old to hustle Jello on TV, the smart PR people behind Jello have found new ways of selling their product. Start spreading the word of Jello in the street of the ultra hip underground of New York, and it will spread worldwide.  If you ask a more classic feminist about how much empowerment there is in more or less nude women fighting each other rolling around in sticky Jello infront of dozens of photographers, they might say that this is yet another reflexion of Britney in the American landscape. Are the New York women just so far ahead in their post feminist battle that they could care less what old school feminists think? You are more than welcome to post your own perspective below, as I am sure I am not the only one that would like to know the status of feminism these day.

Beginning in January, average NYC women will be transformed
to costume-clad, hair-pulling, trash-talking, body-slamming
feminist fighters, as they face off at Amateur Female Jello Wrestling, live
at Arlene's Grocery, with musical guests: energy-filled female-fronted
power-pop band The Domestics; cinematic, elegiac and memorable
trio herMajesty; and Jello's resident cover lover DJ Xerox.

Lighting designer Dana Sterling has been producing monthly Amateur
Female Jello Wrestling
parties since 2003 at various downtown bars

(currently in residence at Arlene's Grocery).  Sterling and
her team
consider themselves to be a feminist fight club: a place
for women to

have fun in a positive way with other women by tossing, grappling
laughing with each other in a kiddie pool filled with Jello. Before
party, a professional wrestling instructor teaches the ladies
wrestling moves and safety.  The matches are a mixture of

fighting and real wrestling moves, and the overall tone of the
is sports-satire: silly but athletic and sexy.  The
competition is won

when a wrestler successfully pins each of her opponents in a series
one-on-one elimination-style no-holds-bar matches.  The event

equally challenging
for the musical guests, who perform the live rock
n' roll score to the action in the ring.

"Think the days of female empowerment through mortal combat were
over? Think again--as this tongue-in-cheek sporting event brings
ready-made deserts back to the ring where they belong." - Time Out
New York

"Sterling has successfully created a space that gives women
permission to forget the hassle of deflecting criticism for their
bodies' inadequacies and regress to a time when they felt
comfortable being ridiculous. All it took was a creative impulse
and the help from a little gelatin." - New York Press

"After the match all the girls felt exhausted, but empowered (like
the feeling you get when you watch the 'Charlie's Angel's' movie-
watching fabulous females fighting evil and kicking some badguy
ass.) Really makes ya wanna be a Rockstar Fighter Chick and change
the world!" –


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