Friday, July 4, 2008

Mustache is the new Black


It has been trendy for quite some time to have a full fledged mustache.
However, it is only very few who actually wears it well. For some reason the Swedes seem to wear them the best. But then again they sport the "mullet" as a national pass time and in Denmark and Norway the "mullet" style is called "Swedish Hair" (Svensker hår). See a brilliant Indian documentary about how the mullet came about here 

Then there are the Americans who have taken the idea of hair to another level. It is now official. The latest of all trends is tattooing a mustache on your pointy finger (a.k.a Fingertache), that as you go into your alterego, hold over your upper lip, while lifting an eyebrow.
see a video about it here

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