Friday, July 4, 2008


New Years Day is a day of contemplation, detox, healing and rejuvenation.
The night before might have brought you to your knees and 2007 was a year that showed itself to bring new revelations to the world with no smoking laws
and natures own message of:
We need to collectively bring it all down a notch or two
The earth will again spinn around the sun and earthlings saddle up for another go at life.

This Happy New Year song had played on Swedish TV every new years eve since 1980.

The fact that most people prefer to spend this day under the covers, infront of the TV or with a greasy burger is rather understandable. However, to start the new year fresh with new good energy and maybe even with someone you care for; the following are some suggestions.
(Go to Omeo Radio and turn on the music to create the perfect soundtrack for looking at the below pictures)

If you happen to be in..


A walk down to the Bosphorus to take the boat out to the Prince Islands in the Sea of Marmara. There are 9 Islands, that at one time was used to put problematic people, such as your brother, if you were the Prince of the  Byzantine Empire. Sivriada is the island where Platon was sent when he was airing some ideas that was not well received and also the place where all of Istanbul's street dogs were sent in 1911. Word on the street was that the earthquake that happened right after this was the wrath of Allah, so the dogs were taken back to the city again.

New York

Put on some warm clothes, get on the F train and head out to Coney Island. Join the  people of the Polar Bear Club annual swim in the ocean raising money for Camp Sunshine. Take deep breaths, sink into the water connecting you to the rest of the world and walk on the beach looking at your own footsteps in the sand behind you. A crucial element of Coney Island is of course also Nathan's, so grease up your insides with a Nathan's delight that will bring you in to the new year fit for fight.

San Francisco

Continue the New Years buzz with a trip to Napa Valley either by train or by hot air balloon.
The more grounded version by car also works and as long as you bring a designated
driver, make sure not to miss out tasting every vine produced in the area.
Oh, did you see the film Sideways?

Easter Islands

How far from western civilization can you get and still get a head?



Pamper yourself beyond recognition in the Tyrolean Alps, pulling off your
lederhosen and tyroler hat while you enter Heaven.

Happy New Years and may all your wishes come through! 

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