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The New York dining experience is as much based where you are in the city, what mood you are in, who you are with and how hungry you are.

The portions are often made so an American can get full, and take home half of the food in a doggy bag for a late night snack.

Never be afraid to ask for endless amounts of coffe, mayo and water. Please be polite to your waiter and rather tip more than less.

The tip is essentially how they feed their families, wanna-be-actor career or vice.

Peter Luger Steakhouse

Has since 1887 served steaks that make you cry of joy.
Rated best Steak House in New York 24 years in a row.

178 Broadway, Brooklyn

Kellog's Diner


Wonderful Brooklyn style diner with lovely ladies serving you as much coffee you want with your tuna melt on rye and Swiss cheese with bacon on the side.

Hold the fries and take a banana spilt or cheesecake for dessert.

514 Metropolitan Avenue

Planet Thailand

What started as a small hole in the wall take out place on Bedford Avenue, all of a sudden moved in to their current megaspace where they still have their very happy take-out-regulars that have had the red curry chicken in their bodies while they have seen their horizon change from their rooftop overlooking Manhattan from the east. The food is good, somewhat cheap and the place is always packed and lively served by rather pissed off looking wait staff. It is also directly connected to a sushi bar, if someone would rather want it
their experience without curry.

133 N 7th St


Housed inside a classic old stainless steel covered rail wagon is a terrifically hip brunch place where you can have huge healthy bloody mary's with whole selleri brunches after a late night out. The staff is often nice in all the ways they should be. The bonus track to this place is Kelis and her Milkshake, who brings all the boys to the yard. In the video Relish is called "The Yard"

225 Wythe Ave


Massive Polish Kielbasa sausages with tons of mustard, sour cream and apple sauce with stuffed cabbage and blintzes is heaven at 4 am when the Red bar side of Odessa is open and filled with east village punks
and locals. It is open 24 hours, but it is suggested to only go at night and weekends when the bar is open.

117 Ave. A


The combination of Hemp with the galaxy, being greeted by a life size Buddha and blinking stars in the ceiling of the place sets a good scene for eating.

The food is cooked with hemp oil and the seeds can often be seen in the food.

There is a strange but good tied up pizza, a heavy meatloaf, amazing duck, really crispy calamari but most
important; the grand marnier chocolate truffle beggars purse with strawberrys and Tahitian vanilla ice cream. Ask for chop sticks and rub the belly of their in house buddha.

15 Irving Place

Mama's Food Shop

"Shut Up and Eat It" is the motto of this soul food spot. The found interiors are low key but the art on the walls tells you that chicken has not been tasted right, until it has been baked or fried by Mama.

200 E. 3rd S

Big Daddy Diner

One does not almost want this place to be as good as it is. But it is. The staff are friendly. Good food, huge portions, family and children friendly with crayons and menus to draw on that also has kids meals.
The fake celebrity signed headshots all over the walls are fun, as well as the fridge magnet you can bring home to remind yourself og the experience.

239 Park Avenue South

Kum Gang San

Over the top decorated Korean "grill it yourself" BBQ house on the Korean Town Main Strip.
Order your choice of meat for manual grilling and chilling.

49 W 32nd St

Curry in a Hurry

Addictive food. And you get it really fast handed over the counter after you
point out the food infront of you, school kitchen styles.

There is Bollywood movies, fish tanks, photos of Russel Simmons who is a regular, a good salad bar with your combination platter and rice pudding for dessert.

119 Lexington Avenue

Employees Only

Very trendy, very hip but in all the good ways. Serious drinks,
delightful staff and amazing decor. It is here New York superstar
Kimberly (above) in Ada Bligaard Søby's "American Losers" work, in the film.
510 Hudson

Yaffa Cafe

Another Open All Night spot where you can be sure to be served by a nice young waiter or waitress that is not necessary very good at their job, "but its a good place to hang around in the afternoon and meet
interesting people".

They have their own tasty carrot dressing with almost all their salads and sandwiches, the hommus and pita plates are not bad and the open jungle-like backyard is even for those who smoke.

The interior decorations could have been done by Elvis's greatest fan, on acid.

Remember to ask for a free Yaffa condom.

97 St. Marks Pl.

Tea & Sympathy

For all those bloody Anglophiles with cravings of some British style when in the land of the burger, you can get some tea and sympathy to heal that longing. And who does not love an authentic shepherds Pie now and again?

One can also get straight up Fish and Chips, Yorkshire pudding, custard and blackberry crumble cake that will hold you over a while.

108 Greenwhich Avenue

Sylvia's Soul Food

Best classic Soul Food in Harlem it is said. At least it is legendary and is often visited by people like Bill Clinton and Rev Al Sharpton, and they know their sould food.

328 Lenox Avenue

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