Friday, July 4, 2008


Back in 1990 when John Waters film "Cry Baby" was released, it was way too strange for America to take in. Even if the cast was crammed with wonderful actors and cameos, making fun of films like Grease and presenting former porn model Traci Lords and legendary Iggy Pop in his best film role ever, it basically just worked for hardcore John Waters fans.

above the cast of "Cry Baby" and to the right John Waters most famous muse Divine, in one of her best roles of all time in "Pink Flamingos" 

However, in the same way that Mel Brooks films has been turning into Broadway musicals, it seems people are ready to take John Waters into their livingrooms. After they saw John Travolta as the mother in the new film version of "Hairspray", and that "Hairspray" also was turned in to a successful Broadway play, it had to happen sooner or later.

Not that the Broadway version can offer Traci Lords or Johnny Depp, but if you are going to New York and want to see a Broadway play...and you like John Waters; "Cry Baby" is the answer.

"Cry-Baby" stars James Snyder and Elizabeth Stanley at the Marquis Theatre on Broadway in New York. For tickets, contact 212-307-4100 and Ticketmaster.

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