Friday, July 4, 2008



For a while now, one has been able to vent all kinds of frustration about airport security online, and especially Americas own elite storm troopers TSA (who welcome you in any American airport as if you were a terrorist). They have started their own blog (so instead of jumping them in the airports out of rage from waiting in line for two hours with a screaming baby infront of you, with a mommy who is forced to hand over her breatsmilk to a power tripping individual on minimum pay salary and without any training in service) you can let of steam online. However, they choose to delete posts with anything that they feel is too much to deal with and somewhat agressive.

The whole body X-ray scaner has been put in use at several US airports. If you have not felt that taking off your shoes, belt, jacket and jewelery being a somewhat invasion of privacy..having some guy check you out in a public space might be the ticket! 

In the same way Mummy's are being X-rayed for hidden treasures,

your body will undergo this very close scrutiny. One can only hope that they will make prints from the X-ray shots and make exhibitions in airports around the world, sometime soon.

The above example is one of the main reasons we all must take off our shoes at the airport. There is a whole area of the blog that is dedicated to shoes, and it is not all women exchanging shoe-tips and the best shoes to wear to different airports.

And now that we are talking about Mummy's and airport security, there is great news for all you wine lovers out there! It is called "The Wine Mummy" and protects that expensive bottle of wine that you just bought on your trip. This Mummy protects it from breaking in your lugguage and from needing to carry your wine in your hand lugguage with the risk of being taken in the security control.

And being on a Mummy Roll, above is the Mummy Sleeping Bag that will keep you warm and comfy if you are stranded in some airport or mountain while on your travels around the world.


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