Friday, July 4, 2008



It's just not fair! Why is it there are no super cool and sexy shoes for us men? At this point my biggest wish is to have Danish Camilla Skovgaard design her ultra cool and sexy shoes just for me. Yes, to have her measure my feet and during a long afternoon with a good cup of tea and scones together brainstorm about how a pair of shoes should be made for me and my delicate feet.

I would wear my glasses that I have bought at Luella (below), strap on the shoes that match them, get into my Camilla Stærk dress..

..and roam the streets of London like Batman's secret Drag Queen Lover. Skovgaard has had an adventurous life as a designer so far, designing clothes and shoes for the Gulf sheiks' wives and daughters. Then she went to London where she got a degree in shoe design and while still in school, she was headhunted to start designing for feet in need of elegant and edge shoes in materials such as eel and python leather.

The Times has said about Camilla's shoes "Think Arne Jacobsen in couture”. It is great to see young Danish women out in the world doing their thing. As mentioned in a previous post, there is another Camilla (Stærk)  who was recently in New York for the fashion week - she is also kicking some serious bum. Keep up the good work, and let me know when there will be some shoes in size 13 anytime soon.

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Paris store with Camilla's shoes:

Galerie Artcore
40 rue de Richelieu

FR-750001 Paris

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