Friday, July 4, 2008


Global warming has its lovely sides. Finally there is no way to take your bike to work, because the danger of biking in the rain, ice and slushy snow is just not worth it. However, Copenhagen has a brilliant public transportation system. Most Danes think that those busses, trains, subways and boats that bring people in Copenhagen to the most obscure locations in the city more or less on time everday of the year - could be better. Enviroment conscious TV spots tell people to leave the car at home and take the public transportation via a little unconscious purple muppet named Harry and his hot girlfriend.


The King on the White Horse on Højbro Plads. This was the hood Søren Kirkegaard lived at, a while back.

 The half Moon and The Empire State Building

Storkespringvandet in the background with the most viewed ad spot in Copenhagen, this week held by another pouting woman. Right up around the corner is the offices of momondo.


Suburbian grafitti. It is said that it is around this time people in the Kingdom of Denmark usually kill themselves. It seems these days the trend has changed. Now the people of Denmark has X- Factor to look forward to every week.

Munch's Scream over the Copenhagen Stock Echange Building in the far background, with Dragons and their tails made into the spire on the roof. 


Ernst Hugo letting off steam from a Swedish perspective in The Kingdom. 

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