Monday, September 14, 2009

तिगेर CHANGE

I was asked to be part of an advisory board to select artists from Copenhagen participating in the latest Tiger Beer Art Project. There was a delightful breakfast that we ate while looking at art. To make a long story short, I was happy to see that Liv Carle Mortensen had applied to be part of the project. Liv (translated LIFE) and her work is filled to the brim with female raw power, to a point where it probably scares the crap out of most (men).

As part of the art interaction at Pakhus 11, Liv got naked together with the Mongolian artist Ulziibadrakh and painted a huge canvas with their bodies drenched in paint..while filming it in a time-lapse video set up..

There will be a final reception Friday September 18th from 5pm -7pm at Normann Copenhagen. Attendants will have a chance to meet artists, have a look at the works created during the Tiger Translate workshop and endless amounts of free Tiger's.
The show will be up until September 28th.

More info HERE