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above image of Bosphorus Bridge, connecting East to West by lightyear105's

Once again Miklagaard (Istanbul) is raising to take on the position as the Great City of Europe. It was the ultimate city for the Vikings and the heart of the Ottoman Empire back in the days. In 2010 Istanbul's status as The European Capital of Culture will once again make it THE city to visit, for people from all over the world. It has the energy of New York, the weather of Barcelona and the history of Rome...spiced up with a pinch of The Middle East.

The status of European Capital of Culture is this year in Liverpool (UK) and Stavanger in Norway. Next year it will be Linz and Vilnius, and in 2010 Istanbul (but also Essen, Germany and Pécs, Hungary).

The European Capital of Culture status will be of great importance for Istanbul, at this point in time. The Cultural Attaché's of Turkey all over the world are doing a great job in promoting this fact. To be honest, I would never have know that Liverpool, Stavanger, Linz, Essen and Vilnius has or will have this status. However, the PR campaign for Istanbul is worldwide and hard to miss. The above image is from the main AD spot in Copenhagen on the middle of the walking street Strøget and there is another one at Rådhuspladsen (The Time Square of Copenhagen).

The above bus was seen in New York and that same banner is hung all over the city. There is no doubt that Istanbul is a relevant destination for New Yorkers, as it is the city in the world that comes closest to the same kind of intense energy. Istanbul is also a city that never sleeps and the nightlife can be compared to most international metropoles.

With Turkey slowly on it's way into The European Community, it will be a great way for the world to re-discover Istanbul and the huge treasures of culture and lovely people the country has to offer.

As a matter af fact, Turkey is the most visited country by the Danes as the South West coast of Turkey is the closest (and cheapest way) to Paradise one can go with an airplane.

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