Friday, July 4, 2008

Gigantic Trojan Moose in Sweden


What do you do when an area is about to become depopulated and the few people living within thousand of square miles are old, with kids that moved out of the house about 40 years ago? We'll, Thorbjörn Holmlund from Arvidsjaur in northern part of Sweden came up with the idea to build a 47 meter (148-foot) tall moose. The idea has now become reality and Mr. Holmlund is selling shares to investors that are going like a smörgåsbord in Vegas.

will be buildt in wood, and like a Trojan Horse be put into the great
landscape of northern Sweden bringing tourists in from all over the
You can take a virtual tour throughout the Moose here.
question we might ask is: Will the parts of the construction come in
flat boxes, with a instruction sheet, screws and a Allen wrench?

The giant Moose will house a restaurant, conference halls, concert spaces, exhibitions spaces and a observatory with a view that might beat The Statue of Liberty's torch observatory. Another detail is that the visitors get up into the Moose through a elevator inside of giant pine three.


Other projects of this kind that truly have changed the remote areas of northern Sweden is The Ice Hotel.
Since the hotel opened, it has brought in tourists and jet setters from all over
the world, enjoying having it on the rocks at all times.

In 1884, the "Colossal Elephant" was buildt in Coney Island, NY. The Coney Island elephant cost $250,000 to build and stood
125 feet high (7 stories) and had 31 hotel rooms. Her legs were 60 feet
in circumference (one leg housed a cigar store, another had a diorama,
and the 2 others had circular staircases). The elephant faced the sea
and gave visitors to the observatory great ocean vistas through slits
in the elephant's eyes. You could go to the top for a full 360 degree
50 mile view. At night, searchlights flashed erratically from her eyes.
It was advertised as the 8th Wonder of the World. Unfortunately, it was
destroyed by fire in 1896 after only 12 years of operation.




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