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On hot summer nights in Istanbul, a key element is a possibility for
open air, with spectacular views and a cool breeze. The following 5
places are a variety of Istanbul spots, where the rooftop adds great


Dogzstar (www.) is run by people who are passionate about live music and giving their costumer new experiences. The first small version of Dogzstar was in a small back alley and was one of the only truly underground styled music clubs and bars in the city.

The upgrade to the new Dogzstar brought along a large dancefloor, a great live stage and a rooftop terrace overlooking the city. In the above image you can see the Galatasaray High School and the 360 Club in the upper right area. 

The terrace is decorated like a red light district brothel and in the very late night with many Dogz Juice's and Efe's beers under the belt, naughty girls and boys live it up like the there was no tomorrow.

Dogzstar has been showcasing many of Istanbul's best DJ's, such as the above DJ Taylan. However, the main focus is on live music and finding young new talent that usually has a hard time finding spots where they showcase new talent. It is located on Kartal Sokak no.5 right off the main walking street Istiklal, close to the Galatasaray Square.

360 Istanbul


Essentially it is all about the view at 360 Istanbul on Istiklal Caddesi, but South African-born chef Mike Norman's global cuisine also takes you to higher grounds. The cherry marinated duck might just be some of the best duck I ever had. It brought back memories of childhood Christmas dinners and while overlooking the city sipping some of the delightful house wine it is worth every Lira you spend. Yes, it is rather expensive! 


The inside restaurant is a lively area where they in the evening showcase live music, DJ's and local talent.

Find out more about 360 here



At Peyote you don't need to take it (...peyote that is) to get high, they actually have a lovely rooftop with a small bar. Peyote also have a small kitchen where they make great snacks and other eatable things that go perfect with an Efes beer and a shared bottle of Raki. 


Peyote is also one of the Istanbul's main spots for live music and most of the city's music scene plays here on a regular basis. One of the house bands are Replikas, that can be seen in the above poster.

Balance Tonique 

Balance Tonique is a club venue with both DJ's and live music. It is located in the heart of Istanbul's main club- and bar area around Balo Street. You have a great view over the below street or the stars and half moon in the sky above from the large outdoor bar area while mingling with the lovely loyals.  


The place is also known for its special theme nights, including Michael Jackson karaoke nights and record label events with international known live acts.



Getting its name from the imaginary land between
Heaven and Hell, Araf is a hot spot for live Balkan Beat, Gypsy music, Oriental Blues, Turkish Folk and pop music on a rotating schedule. There are also DJ's in the weekends playing everything
from salsa to hip hop and from Balkan rhytms
to punk.
It is jam packed and you can be sure that dancing is a key element at this little gem of a place, of course also with an open air option on Balo Street 32.

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